High Speed Paper Cup Machine (100 Pcs/Min)

This machine adopt's gear transmission system which results in more stability with High Production. The whole Machine uses automatic spray lubrication system, reducing the wear of Machine parts. The reliable performance of the machine offers a rapid and stable operation. This machine can auto-stop working when there is a failure since it uses Japanese and Taiwanese Sensor.

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This Machine is equipped with latest Technology Single Turn plate with Open Cam Technology and Heavy Compact Machine Structure. So Machine gets faster speed. Machine uses automatic spray lubrication system which increases the life of machine parts with smooth functioning.

  • Advanced Technology
  • Durable
  • Easily Operate
  • Quality Production

Products Feature

By using longitudinal shaft drive, barrel indexing cam to optimize internal arrangement, to ensure accuracy of transmission and high performance of synchronization, to reduce vibration, noise and avoid interference of parts movement
Machine main frame is designed and build as a unitary structure. By using a reasonable weight of base plate and welded side ribs, it provides a stable working condition to forming facilities.
The first curling station is for pre-curling purpose with rotating mold. The second curling station is for finishing with heating ring, which makes beautiful rim shape and makes rim have dimensional stability.
Inspect finished cups from top view, to detect insects, stain and defect of cup rim (burst, wrinkle).
Inspect finished cups from bottom view, to detect insects, stain, abnormal bottom forming (flanging, crescent), overheat (burning mark) and bottom paper conjunction
Inspect finished cups from bottom view, to detect insects, stain, abnormal bottom forming (flanging, crescent), overheat (burning mark) and bottom paper conjunction

Products Specification

Paper Cup Size Range


Production Speed

100 pcs/min

Raw Material

Single PE coated paper

Paper Specification




Power Supply

380V 3 phases or customize

General Power

6.5 KW

Machine dimensions



Maintenance of NESSCO Automatic High-Speed Paper Cup Machine should be carried out in strict compliance with the maintenance guidance.

  • Every component should be cleaned up carefully
  • For sanitation and cleanliness, a fixed schedule should be maintained to clean and wipe the machine. Greasy dirt should be removed from the paper, die and roller. The machine must be kept from paper scraps, dust, plastic rolling, etc.
  • Glycerol can be used to lubricate the entire machine.

Product Introduction

NESSCO High Speed Paper Cup Making Machine is an automatic machine with multi-working station which has function of photocell detection failure alarm counter and the advantage of humanism design, safer operation and easier maintenancebased on the normal machine,through innovation and improvement. Overall stability and speed of production has been greatly improved.Sealingsilicone oil lubricating (for top curling) bottom punching, two step bottom heating, bottom pre-folding, bottom knurling, top curling and cup discharging etc. It is an ideal equipment of making both hot and cold drinks paper cups.