Tea Coffee Cup Making Machine

This High-speed Tea Coffee Cup Making Machine paper cup machine, an expert in producing tea and coffee paper cups, has utilized modern technologies like gear transmission systems instead of chain transmission for higher stability. This multi-station machine can also produce cold beverage and ice cream cups of both Single and double PE coated types. The stretching dies technology while adding cup bottom makes the bottom sealing quality better and reduces the leaking percentage. The entire procedure- Sealing silicone oil lubricating (for top curling), bottom punching, two-step bottom heating, bottom pre-folding, bottom knurling, top curling, and cup discharging can be handled by the machine in different steps.

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Tea Coffee Cup Making Machine

Fully Automatic Tea Coffee Cup Making Machine

Nesscoindia Tea Cup Making Machine, is equipped with the latest single turn plate and open cam technology for faster production and greater longevity.

  • No need for an air compressor
  • Lesser power consumption
  • Increased stability and throughput
  • Compact design and easier functioning
  • 6 Heavy structure and lesser vibration
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Products Introduction

This high-speed paper cup machine of multi-working stations holds additional features of photocell detection, failure alarm counter, and PLC controlled system to follow a safer yet smoother operating mechanism. The machine is fitted with modern open cam technology and can produce 100 cups per minute of 45-300 ml volume each. The innovations and improvements on the machines greatly developed its speed and reduced its maintenance costs.

Products Feature


The open cam technology ensures smooth but fast operation of the machine along with increasing precision in operation and having larger throughput.

PCM 100 - 01

The automatic oil spray lubrication system decreases wear on the machine parts and increase the tendency of smooth performance alongside reducing maintenance costs.

PCM 100 - 02

The photoelectric failure detecting technology and system failure detection make the system stop working automatically when any problem has been observed.

PCM 100 - 03

The gear transmission system is introduced instead of a chain transmission system for higher operation stability of the machine.

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Automatic tea coffee cup machine Products Specification

Paper Cup Size Range30-350ml
Production Speed100 pcs/min
Raw MaterialSingle PE coated paper
Paper Specification140~300gsm
Power Supply380V 3 phases or customize
General Power4.5 Kw
Machine dimensions(2300*1200*1800)mm
ApplicationsTea Cup, Coffee Cup, Water Cup, Water Glass, Ice-Cream Cup, Soup Cup & Yogurd Cup etc.

After Sale Service

  • A user guide is including to assist with the machine installation and adjustment and help solve problems that may be encountered.
  • The NESSCO Automatic High-Speed Paper Forming Machine will be adjusted one week prior to delivery to make sure it is in perfect condition.
  • Technicians are available to guide the installation & adjustment on site.
  • Free training is available and ongoing until the operator fully understands the operation and maintenance of our machine. The buyer should cover travelling and accommodation expenses of our technicians.