Paper Salad Bowl Making Machine

Paper Salad Bowl Making Machine is equipped with latest technology that performs auto paper feeding and has paper anti-reverse device, ultrasonic welding heaters, automatic lubrication system, robotic arm, paper tube that helps in punching and folding bottom, pre-heating, knurling, curling, and collecting bowls. Machine can make various size of bowls by changing moulds. This model has been designed specifically to manufacture salad bowls in customised sizes.

Salad Bowl Machine

Paper Salad Bowls Forming Machine

Paper Salad Bowl Making Machine can produce both Single and Double PE Coated Paper Bowls of size ranging from 500 ml to 1100 ml. Due to high gsm of paper, premium quality bowls are formed that has less chances of leakage. These bowls can be used for serving meals or can be used as take-away meal boxes.

  • Photoelectric Sensors
  • Open Cam Technology
  • Gear Transmission system
  • Automatic Lubrication

Products Introduction

This Paper food container-making machine can make containers up to 1500 ml. This machine can use both single and double-coated PE paper and has a production capacity of 75 pcs per minute. This model is most suitable for making soup bowls, noodles bowls, etc. It adopts an open cam system and a helical gear transmission system to function smoothly.

Machine Specification

Production Speed 75 Pcs/Min
Paper Bowl Size Range Top Diameter Upto 150mm
Paper Specification 150-350 gsm
General Power 4.8 KW
Power Supply 380V 3 Phases
Weight 3000 kg
Machine Dimensions (2600*1300*1600) mm
Applications Paper containers for salad, soup, noodles, etc

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