Roll Die Cutting Machine

Nessco introduces an exclusive range of die cutting machine. Working with a speed of 110 to 130 punches every minute, this machine is self-sufficient. It completes the entire process of die-cutting, creasing, and embossing for various shapes. For accurate conveying, the machine uses the latest and modern technology motors. For accurate and precise printing of the color code, the machine uses a smart photoelectricity sensor. This machine most suitably applies to paper cups, paper boxes, medical packages, wine packages, food packages, etc.

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Roll Die Cutting Machine

How it Works

Nessco provides an exclusive range of paper cup blank die-cutting machine, and wooden roll die-cutting machine. The temperature of the main drive parts in the host are digitally shown to control them accordingly. In case of a higher temperature than the default safety value, the machine stops working. It introduces more excellent safety of the machine operation and increased accuracy of production.

  • Advanced technology motor
  • Increased production capacity
  • More excellent stability with a compact design
  • Pneumatic locking system
  • Transmission system control power and pressure system
  • Increased safety of operation
Roll Die Cutting Machine

Product Introduction

FN-970 – The machine adeptly and professionally performs in Die cutting, Creasing, Embossing, and full-stripping various PE coated paper, standard paper, corrugating paper, and foam material. It is equipped with the latest modern technologies like micro-computer, positioning, alternating current frequency converter, automatic counting, photoelectric rectifying, Pneumatic-lock cutting plate, electromagnetic clutch, centralized oil lubrication, overload protection, and distinctive gearing.

Die Cutting Machine Feature


In this model, Cup Curling is done in two steps at two stations. The first one is for curling the top of cup and the second one is for consolidating the cup curling.


Photoelectric failure-detecting system is available in this model. PLC control system for the whole cup forming process where the operator can control functioning of various parts.


Whole working of this machine is based on Longitudinal Gear Drive System. It is more scientific and reasonable transmission mechanism for running paper cup machine.


It adopts the three-station rotary to carry the cups while formation. This system ensures high efficiency and more stable production of paper cups.


Machine Specification

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Model Name/Number FN-970
Brand Nessco
Automation Grade Automatic
Phase 3 Phase
Size 4100 x 2000 x 1850 mm
Total Weight 8.0 MT
Total Power 15 HP
Suitable Material 100-600g/m2
Max Paper Convey Width 960mm

After Sale Service

  • A user guide is including to assist with the machine installation and adjustment and help solve problems that may be encountered.
  • The NESSCO Automatic High-Speed Paper Forming Machine will be adjusted one week prior to delivery to make sure it is in perfect condition.
  • Technicians are available to guide the installation & adjustment on site.
  • Free training is available and ongoing until the operator fully understands the operation and maintenance of our machine. The buyer should cover travelling and accommodation expenses of our technicians.