Paper Lid Making Machine

Nessco India is an international machine manufacturing company with a trusted brand name since 1978 in domestic as well as international markets.

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Paper Lid Machine

This fully automated and self-sufficient machine includes the latest modern technologies to increase efficiency and accuracy. This model is a single station machine that completes the entire procedure including paper feeding, oil & silicon lubrication, bottom punching, heating, rolling, rimming, rounding, and discharging as well. It also covers auto feeding, creasing, molding, heating, folding and knurling. This machine has compact structure and has a PLC Controlled Screen over top to operate and control the production process.

Paper Lid Manufacturing

Nessco Paper Lid Machine is equipped with paper cover molding technology that makes this device easy to operate. It also includes various other modern technologies for better efficiency and production speed. The automatic lubrication system keeps the machine durable and ensures its smooth run. Paper Cup Lid Machine is more stable due to its heavy and well built structural frame.

Products Introduction

Paper Lid forming machine is used to produce paper lid and paper cover for paper cups, paper cans and round paper packaging containers. It is an automatic machine with the functions such as automatic blank paper feed, creasing, embossing, auto feed disc to mold, heating, folding, knurling with conveyer and counter for collection. These lids are completely eco-friendly as they are made from food-grade paper which is biodegradable.

Machine Specification

Production Speed 60 Pcs/Min
Lid Size Range 65-125 mm
Lid height 8~15 mm
Paper Specification 250~400 gsm
Power Supply AC 380V 3-phase, 50Hz,
Weight 3000 kg
Machine Dimensions (2300*1200*1700) mm
Total power 7 KW, 380V 3 Phase
Applications Lids to cover paper packaging containers

Nessco Global Presence

With a strong functional position in this market for over 40 years, now Nessco India is backed by 5 Domestic Distributing Centres and 7 International Ones. Over all these years, we have spread our arms to almost every country to expand our business globally.

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