Paper Lid Making Machine

This fully automated and self-sufficient machine includes the latest modern technologies to increase efficiency and accuracy. This machine completes the entire process itself including paper feeding, bowl-fan wall sealing, oil, silicon lubrication, bottom punching, heating, rolling, rimming, rounding, and discharging as well. It also covers auto feeding, creasing, molding, heating, folding and knurling.

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Paper Lid Making Machine

Paper Lid Manufacturing

Nessco Paper Lid Machine is equipped with paper cover molding technology that makes this device easy to operate. It also includes various other modern technologies for better efficiency and production speed. The automatic lubrication system keeps the machine durable and ensures its smooth run. Paper CupLid Machine is more stable due to its heavy and well built structural frame.

  • Advanced technology motor
  • Easy to operate with automated systems
  • Greater throughput & Greater stability
  • Increased safety reliability
Paper Lid Making Machine

Products Introduction

Paper Lid forming machine is used to produce paper lid and paper cover for paper cups, paper cans and round paper packaging containers. It’s an automatic machine with the functions such as automatic blank paper feed, creasing, emboss, auto feed disc to mold, heating, folding, knurling with convey and counter for collection.

Paper Lid Machine Features


In this model, Cup Curling is done in two steps at two stations. The first one is for curling the top of cup and the second one is for consolidating the cup curling.


Photoelectric failure-detecting system is available in this model. PLC control system for the whole cup forming process where the operator can control functioning of various parts.


Whole working of this machine is based on Longitudinal Gear Drive System. It is more scientific and reasonable transmission mechanism for running paper cup machine.


It adopts the three-station rotary to carry the cups while formation. This system ensures high efficiency and more stable production of paper cups.


Machine Specification

Brand Nessco
Production speed 60pcs/min
Paper weight 250~400 gsm
Lid size Rang 65-125 mm
Lid height 8~15 mm
Power Source AC 380V 3-phase, 50Hz,
Total power 7 KW
Weight 3000 Kg
Machine Dimension (2400*1700*1900) mm

After Sale Service

  • A user guide is including to assist with the machine installation and adjustment and help solve problems that may be encountered.
  • The NESSCO Automatic High-Speed Paper Forming Machine will be adjusted one week prior to delivery to make sure it is in perfect condition.
  • Technicians are available to guide the installation & adjustment on site.
  • Free training is available and ongoing until the operator fully understands the operation and maintenance of our machine. The buyer should cover travelling and accommodation expenses of our technicians.