High Speed Paper Cup Making Machine

Nessco India is an international machine manufacturing company with a trusted brand name since 1978 in domestic as well as international markets.

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High Speed Paper Cup Machine

This High Speed Paper Cup Making Machine adopts automatic lubrication, longitudinal axis transmission and gear drive that ensures the stability and quality of machine. This model has an additional PLC Controlled Screen (Human Machine Interface) for better User Interface and Double Curling System that works with high precision and makes cup curling a smooth procedure.

This model is highly automated with photoelectric sensors for detecting any kind of breakage in the system and uses Bottom Servo motor. Operations in this machine is carried using Air Pneumatic System.

High Speed Paper Cup Machine Working

This Machine is suitable for optimum paper cup production with high durability and reliability. This machine manufactures 130 cups in a minute within the range of 40-350 ml. This is a single station machine which can be connected to a Auto Cup Collection Unit (optional). It has heavy frame with compact structure which maintains smooth production.

  • Photoelectric Sensors
  • PLC Controlled Screen
  • Gear Transmission system
  • Double Curling Stations

Products Introduction

The fine and smooth functioning of machine parts enable lesser noise and vibration during its functioning. The machine uses a two-turn plate technology, open cam mechanism, gear transmission, and longitudinal axis structures which forms a series of function. These cups are formed using ultrasonic heating devices to seal the cup body and bottom. The cup curling consists of 2 steps- rotary curling and heating figuration, which makes the curling more stable and better. The PLC control system and photoelectric failure detection of the machine auto-stops it if any problem is detected during production.

Machine Specification

Production Speed 130 Pcs/Min
Paper Cup Size Range 40 -350 ml
Paper Specification 130-350 gsm
General Power 8 KW
Power Supply 380V 50Hz
Weight 3300 kg
Machine Dimensions (2600*1600*1850) mm
Application Tea Cup, Coffee Cup, Cold Drink Cups, Ice-Cream Cup, etc.

Nessco Global Presence

With a strong functional position in this market for over 40 years, now Nessco India is backed by 5 Domestic Distributing Centres and 7 International Ones. Over all these years, we have spread our arms to almost every country to expand our business globally.

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