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Face Mask Making Machine In India

Medical mask machine in India

Fully Automatic Face Mask Making Machine in India

Huge range of Face Mask Making Machine in India for producing nonwoven masks. We are one of the leading Manufacturer and Exporter of the Mask Machine in India. The offered machines are designed for producing face mask for medical purposes, hotels, in regular use to prevent viruses.

This 3-PLY Mask Machine is the front-stage machine for Non-Woven Face Mask production. it is to produce blank masks from feeding raw material, inserting & cutting nose wire, pleating, over the edge, ultrasonic welding to piece cutting. The finished blank masks will be counted and collected on the conveyor.

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Surgical Mask Making Machine India

Brand Nessco
Production line model Automatic face mask machine
Production Speed 120 to 150 Pcs/Min
Machine Type Automatic
Machine dimension 6570 X 2650 X 1930mm
Weight 1300 kgs
General Power 10 KW
Power Supply 220 V-60 HZ
Layers of the mask 4 ~ 6
Size of face mask 17.5×9.5 cms